“Pot Moms” – One Mother’s Perspective on Cannabis

“Pot Moms” – One Mother’s Perspective on Cannabis
May 14, 2018 Colleen C

When you think of Mom you think of cookies baking, off tune singing in the kitchen, the smell of clean laundry and maybe a glass of wine. What you don’t think about is a mom who smokes a joint at the end of her long day. It isn’t the norm, but you would be surprised how many moms you know are smoking up to relax over drinking a few glasses of wine.


I am one of those moms, I smoke to handle my anxiety and depression and that is okay. Medicinal Marijuana is how I have managed my mental health because the harsh cocktails of medicines I was getting weren’t making me a better parent – they were making me a zombie.


As a young mother I was faced with more than a few sad life changing moments. I was only 20 when I had my first son (for four days) and during my pregnancy my mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. This of course brought on a severe postpartum depression – plus a few anxiety attacks in between. When she passed things did not get better for my mental health and the medical cocktails weren’t helping me. I was a baby with a baby and suddenly no mother to guide me and I was spiralling. So I travelled the road less followed and I haven’t looked back.


Blazing moms aren’t all that uncommon either. We lurk behind nerdy glasses, mom jeans and minivans. We are the chilled out mom at mommy and me playgroup or the mom that’s always happy to volunteer for PAC. We are just like everybody else, but we medicate with medicinal to help us along.


Whether we are suffering from mental illness, chronic pain or just need a better and less damaging way to relax vs. wine; smoking a joint, using a balm or eating a medicinal snack is how we do that. It doesn’t make us neglectful of our kids or somehow wild “reefer madness” stereotypes. We are exactly like every mom out there – with just one little addition: pot.


This taboo idea of moms smoking pot is something that needs to change. It isn’t harmful to anyone, it is helpful for many of us and I don’t think we should be judged anymore than the mom who enjoys her wine. We aren’t medicating to be “good time sally’s” we are doing it to manage pain or for our mental health; it is so much more than what society portrays it as.


Why not take the time to recognize moms from all walks of life? To not judge them based on how they manage their health. We all need a little help sometimes whether it’s a pill, a magic treat or a puff.


So to all the tokin’ mom’s out there we puff for you: Happy Mother’s Day.


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