EDEN Presents | FREE CannaReps Terpene Tutorial

December 18th, 2021 | 4:20pm-5:20pm | 4317 Fraser Street

EDEN has been part of the cannabis community and culture for longer than most, crafting and evolving what it means to be a premium retail brand. Today, It’s a privilege to have an opportunity to reconnect with an old friend, mentor and industry lead for our upcoming Vancouver Terpene Tutorial.

Meet Adolfo Gonzalez | Founder and Headmaster of CannaReps

EDEN shares a long history with Adolfo, a history that celebrates high quality cannabis and top of the line cultivators.  EDEN was the first organization that provided Adolfo with the support to shift energy, time and resources towards social and scientific goals rather than the generation of revenue. For several years, Adolfo conducted research and designed social service programs which left a longstanding mark on the downtown eastside community.

The fact is, few are aware that EDEN has been at the cutting edge of retail for over a decade, with a longstanding history of being an innovator, pushing for positive social change. Passionate industry leaders and community are what paved the way to this point and today we continue our mission to educate and inspire those around us through cannabis!

Event Details

EDEN is pleased to announce that CannaReps will be holding an interactive Terpene Tutorial at our new 4317 Fraser street location on December 18, starting at 4:20PM.

This will be a fun and engaging learning opportunity that will tickle the senses and sharpen the mind.  

This event will include:

  • A 1 hour presentation on terpenes by CannaReps headmaster, Adolfo Gonzalez (4:20 pm – 5:20 pm),
  • Interactive isolated terpene educational displays.
  • “Terpene Ushers’ will help you navigate do-it-yourself terpene exercises.
  • Staff favourites, graded with the CannaReps 100 point scale. 
  • Information will be prepared for you to explore the terpene profiles of top products

That’s right, EDEN staff will be putting their name on the line to give you personalized recommendations that will remind you: to buy cannabis from people who know cannabis. The best part is that this is not just a one-off event! This event marks the official commencement of the ‘Ask a sommelier’ program out of Eden locations. 

The ‘Ask a Sommelier’ Program

CannaReps is a Canada wide initiative that gives recognition to those organizations who hire, train and empower certified Cannabis Sommeliers to bring next-level cannabis service into their retail outlets.  Participating locations will allow members of the public to easily identify certified sommeliers on staff via name tags, so that you can always find a fellow weed geek to talk product with and we hope that’s you!

We look forward to connecting, stop by 4317 Fraser Street in Vancouver BC, December 18th at 4:20pm!