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Eden Medicinal Society (EMS), established in 2011 in Vancouver, British Columbia is committed to providing medicinal cannabis to eligible patients who need a safe, friendly and informative method of acquiring quality natural medicine. EMS provides knowledge and understanding of a wide variety of strains and cannabis products and actively supports evidence-based research in the therapeutic application of cannabis. In 2014, EMS was the first organization in Canada to pass the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries’ (CAMCD) rigorous accreditation program and gain industry certification. We do not franchise.

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Awards & Accolades

  • Eden voted Top Dispensary 2015
  • Eden voted Top high-cbd strain 2015
  • Eden voted Top indica strain 2015
  • Eden voted Top Instagram 2015
  • Eden voted Best Dispensary in Vancouver 2015

  • Eden Reader's Choice Best Dispensary in Vancouver 2016
  • Eden Voted Best Medical Patient Dispensary by Cann Awards
  • Eden Voted Most Influential Organization in The Industry 2016 by Cann Awards
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We promote best practices to medicate with cannabis.

In compliment to providing a wide range of high-quality natural source products, EMS is committed to growing the knowledge base and understanding of the bountiful variety of strains and cannabis derivatives by actively supporting evidence-based research in the therapeutic application of the mysterious and often miraculous plant.

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Cannabis has proven to be an effective treatment for an abundance of different symptoms, ailments and diagnoses. Your medical practitioner, whether it be your MD, ND, NP or DTCM, can determine if cannabis is the appropriate and best suitable treatment for your particular condition. EMS does not advise or otherwise interfere with your personal practitioner-patient relationship and history.

Natural medicine in the form of medicinal marijuana has not only impacted and saved lives at EMS, but scientists, scholars and doctors alike have seen these benefits within their own disciplines as deeming to be successful, being less expensive and having less side effects. Read more to see a list of diagnoses accompanied with different symptoms, all of which have been treated with successful results using cannabis products.